X Fit system – simple, solid and flexible

Developed with focus on the essentials
  • Installation on the floor = fast, safe and space saving
  • Design with proven modules = low maintenance costs
  • Renouncement of expensive drive technology = low acquisition costs
  • Manual operating concept = quick and easy to use
You must not miss any comfort
  • A co-ordinated weight balance allows strength-saving vertical adjustment.
  • The integrated magnetic brakes can be served about colourfully encoded tracers of both sides.
  • A mechanical foot tracer allows the tabletop release for positioning of the patient.
  • A cotaker in the movable X-ray column synchronises the Postion of the Bucky in the table.
  • A coloured LCD display with autorotation provides information to you at any time to
    • film focus distance,
    • X-ray beam angle and
    • readiness status of the System.
Options enable it exactly to your needs
  • An electrically height adjustable table makes easier the diagnostics with older patients.
  • A tiltable tube arm allow additional lateral positions.
  • Different Buckys can be used for the most different detectors:
    • Conventional film screen cassettes (FS)
    • Computed radiography cassettes (CR)
    • Full size fix detector(s) (DR)
    • Mobile cassette size WiFi detector(s) (DR)
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