Dr. med. Dirk Stockheim

Praxis für Radiologie

„We were astonished to see how quickly we were able to integrate the mobile workstation into our IT environment, with a connection to the worklist and PACS server. We were almost immediately able to use the outstanding image quality of the mobile detector XRpad 4336 - and it was not only gratifying to our staff members. The ward-based colleagues who had referred cases to us were also able to benefit straightaway.“

Dr. med. Matthias Matzko, Head of Radiology

Helios Amper-Klinikum Dachau

"We were amazed how quickly and professionally the new work system was installed in our department. We were able to use the outstanding image quality of the digital radiography system within a very short period of time - this did not just impress our staff, but also our referring colleagues, who were able to benefit from it immediately. "

Dr. med. Johannes Brodkorb

Praxis für Orthopädie

“We examined the proposal by ROESYS to modernise our X-Ray system. The convincing quality of the images while working with a reduced dose ultimately tipped the scales in their favour. Naturally such an investment has to make economic sense and this is the case here – via satisfied customers and loyal referral doctors.”